Banking Awareness Questions 2012 For SBI Clerical (Assistant / Stenographer) Exam

Banking Awareness Playing major role in Clerk and as well as Probationary Officer Exam. Here are some Banking Awareness Questions with special reference to the banking industry. General Banking Awareness Questions with Current Affairs for IBPS 2012 PO, IBPS Specialist Officer and IBPS 2012 Clerk exam, SBI PO & SBI Clerk and any other Bank Exams. Checkout these Banking Awareness Questions. These Banking Awareness Questions help you a lot in your upcoming SBI Clerical (Assistant / Stenographer) Exam.

What is the expansion of FINO?
Financial Investment Network and Operation

Which index is used to measure food inflation in India?
Wholesale Price Index

What do you mean by bad debt?
It is an amount that is written off by the business as a loss to the business and classified as an expert because the debt owed to the business is unable to be collected.

What are fixed assets?
It is also known as non current assets. These are assets which cannot easily be converted into cash.

What is Ad valorem tax?
It is a tax based on the value of real estate or personal property. It is tax typically imposed at the time of a transaction.

A systematic record of all economic transactions between residents of a country and the rest of the world in a year is known as what?
Balance of Payment

What do you mean by Laissez faire system?
It is a no governmental intervention in trade transactions.

Goods which have positive relationship between price and quantity demanded are called what?
Giffin Goods

What is skewflation?
It refers to inflation in some commodities and deflation in others

What is stagflation?
It is a situation in which the inflation rate is high and the economic growth rate slows down and unemployment remains steadily high.

What is inter bank participation certificates?
It can be used for evening out short term liquidity mismatched by banks.

What is green banking?
This banking considers all the social and environmental factors with an aim to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

What are participatory notes?
These are instruments used by foreign funds for trading in the domestic market.

Disputes resolution mechanism provided by a stock exchange for resolving disputes between the trading members and their clients in respect of trades done on the exchange is called what?

What is ways and means advances system?
It is a short term credit instrument from RBI to the government which allows the government to meet its immediate requirements

In India, National income is calculated by which method?
Product and income method

What is monetary policy?
The control of the amount of money in the economy is called monetary policy

Currency notes press in India is located at which place?
Nasik in Maharashtra

What do you mean by currency devaluation?
It is a process when one country’s currency is reduced in value in comparison to other currency

What do you mean by currency depreciation?
It is the loss of value of a currency of a country’s currency with respect to one or more foreign currencies.

An initial issue of shares released by a bank which invites share contributions from public for the first time is called what?
Initial public offering

What is special drawing rights?
It is a virtual currency issued by IMF. It is supplementary foreign exchange reserve.

Minimum support prices for major agricultural products are fixed by the government in each year. It is issued by which organization?
Commission for agricultural costs and assets

What is the expansion of CBLO?
Collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligation

Commodity exchange is independently regulated by which commission?
Forward market commission

Who introduced income tax in India for the first time in 1860?
James Wilson

What was the main aim of establishing national renewal fund?
Rehabilitation of disputed laborers due to the modernization of industries

What is corporation tax?
It is a tax imposed on the income of companies

Plan expenditure in India is met by which source?
Internal debt and other source

Focus product and focus market are the schemes related to the promotion of what?

RBI has launched emergency fund facility scheme for which types of banks?
Urban Co operative banks

What is the expansion of ICAAP?
Internal capital adequacy assessment process

What is the meaning of Mortgage?
It is a security interest in real property held by a lender as a security for a debt, usually a loan of money.

What is meaning of Amortization?
It is the process of decreasing an amount over a period.

What is the meaning of currency revaluation?
It means a rise of a price of goods and services.

What is currency depreciation?
It is a loss of value of a country’s currency with respect to one or more foreign reference currencies.

What do you mean by biflation?
It is a state of the economy where the processes of inflation and deflation occur simultaneously.

What is banker’s draft?
It is a cheque issued by a bank and sold to a customer.

What is bankruptcy?
A legal agreement to deal with the affairs of individuals unable to pay their debts.

What is bear market?
A stock market in which prices are expected to fall.

What is blue chip?
The equity shares of large and reputable companies. Such companies normally have high market capitalization and liquid market in their shares.

What is buyer’s market?
A market in which conditions are better for buyers than for sellers.

What is micro credit?
It is a term used to extend small loans to very poor people for self employment projects that generate income

What is the expansion of FCCB?
Foreign currency convertible bonds

What is capitalism?
It is an economy where business are privately owned and operated for profit. Here prices are determined by market forces of supply and demand.

What is IFSC?
India financial system code. It helps identify bank branches.

What is CVV?
Card verification value. It is an anti fraud security feature that helps verify that you are in possession of your credit card and making the transaction.

What is hard currency?
A currency which is convertible into other currencies and whose price in terms of other currencies is expected to remain stable or rise.

What is imperfect competition?
A market situation with a limited number of sellers. This is also known as monopolistic competition.

What is limit pricing?
A policy for an incumbent firm of discouraging entry to its markets by charging low enough prices to appear unprofitable to other firms.

What do you mean by inside money?
Money which is an asset to the person or firm holding it but is also a liability for somebody else in the economy. (On the other hand outside money, the asset of the holder is not balanced by a liability for some other party.)

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