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Sony TV Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat Title Song, Story, Cast, Promo & Videos

Hey guys,,, after giving so many unique & hit serials, the channel Sony Entertainment Network is coming with a very unique & very new serial. Dil Ki Nazar Se … Khoobsurat, formely entitled “Beauty and the Beast” is a new show which will be airing soon on Sony TV. The promos of the show Dil Ki Nazar Se … Khoobsurat was already in air featuring your favorite Soumya Seth aka Navya of Star Plus.

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

Dil Ki Nazar Se … Khoobsurat Story / Plot

Dil Ki Nazar Se… Khoobsurat is a show based on a love story. A love triangle twist would be seen on this show between the leads, AaradhyaRadio Jockey Ehsaas & Rahul. Its heard that the story of the show would start with childhood memories.

Sony Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

It is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder & in Aaradhya’s case, beauty is fair skin, good looks & a striking personality! This is the story of Aradhya, a beautiful looking girl who believes that she is a princess and wishes that one day she will be get married to a good looking prince. She believes and lives in her dreams. She falls in love with the voice of an RJ ‘Ehsaas’ – an intense, brooding yet romantic voice which makes girls go weak in their knees. Aaradhya assumes that the face to this voice must be her ideal man, her prince charming – good looking, suave & dreamy eyed! One day she accidentally meets Rahul, a young, handsome man & puts his face as Ehsaas. Aaradhya is very happy to know that the man behind the voice looks the same as she had imagined to be & starts falling for him. As the wedding day comes, Aaradhya thinks she is getting married to Rahul but as fate would have it, she instead gets married to Madhav, a dark & ugly man who is a radio jockey working under the pseudonym Ehsaas. Now, what will happen when Aaradhya is married to a man who is the exact opposite of what she thought her husband would be! Will Aaradhya’s dreams of finding her perfect man be shattered with her marriage or will she find a way to see a person’s extraordinary personality?

Dil Ki Nazar Se… Khoobsurat Cast

soumya seth

Soumya Seth as Aaradhya :  Indian television actress Soumya Seth has finalized to play the main female lead role of Aaradhya. Aaradhya is a fun loving, innocent and carefree girl, but with a heart full of love and optimism. She has never really seen the tougher harsher side of life and truly views the world with rose tinted glasses.  She is pretty and wealthy & gets lots of love and pampering from her elder sister and her parents. She is just like a free willed butterfly unknown to the ugly side of life. She has a fear of all things ugly or dark since her childhood. Even ugly characters in cartoons scare her…Soumya is known for her role of female lead in the television series Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal on Star Plus & she is currently seen in the show V The Serial on Channel V.


Rohit Khurana as Madhav aka RJ Ehsaas : Indian television actor Rohit Khurana has finalized to play the main male lead role of Madhav aka RJ Ehsaas. Madhav has a dark complexion, and is an ordinary looking man with extraordinary talents. Today Madhav is a man with a heart of gold but cant face interviews, cant talk to a group of people & cant confidently look at any beautiful girl around. Rohit Khurana was lastly seen in Colors Uttaran as Vansh Singh Bundela, Iccha’s first husband & Veer’s elder brother.


Abhishek Malik as Rahul : Indian television actor Abhishek Malik is the other hero in the story played the character of Rahul. Rahul is the quintessential prince charming: young, good looking, great physique, quick tongue and confidence are his trademarks. When Rahul’s father passed away Madhav’s family adopted him. He lives with them as a member of their family but Madhav’s mother doesn’t like him. Rahul calls Madhav’s mom Maa which irritates her. Even though Maa treats him badly, he purposely does things to bug her, so as to get attention from her. Abhishek Malikwas last seen in Colors’ Chhal Sheh Aur Maat as Rishi.


Urvashi Upadhya as Bharti : Urvashi Upadhya has finalized to play the role of Bharti, Madhav’s mother. Bharti is a very well educated lady & is a Principal of a college. She is very positive in nature and has the habit of speaking fluent Hindi. Bharti appreciates brains over beauty and feels beautiful people get their work done by charming others by their looks. Urvashi was known for her role as Manjula Nanavati in Star Plus Humari Devrani.

divyam dama

Divyam Dama : Child actor Divyam Dama who was popularly known as Ansh in Punar Vivah has been roped in by makers for playing the childhood of one of the leads.

Sheetal Dabholkar as Meghna : Sheetal Dabholkar has finalized to play the role of Meghna, Aaradhya’s elder sister. She will be a very positive person in nature and will be like her support system. She is engaged to be married soon. She is a vivid Ehsaas fan. Moreover she shares a terrific bond with her mother and sister & is extremely protective towards Aaradhya.

Dil Ki Nazar Se … Khoobsurat Promo Videos

To know what happens in Aradhya’s life and will her dreams come true. Watch Khoobsurat coming on Sony from February 25th @ 7 :30pm…

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(4) Readers Comments

  1. i liked . this serial because in this serial my best &best actress played a lovely role . love . u somya seth …..aa navya

  2. ya serial isa serial aj tak nahi daika because she is very amazing serial fantastic serial jitni tarif karo utne kam ha but iska credit to usko jata ha jisni us drama ko banaya ho or bas me to ya chate ho ka rahul or aradiya ke shadi hojai kiyo ki doni ki jori bohat achi lagti jaisi vo dono dance karti ha to achi lagti ha agar ya serial me madav or aradiya ki adi hojai ge tu ye serial bohat ganda ho jai ga or me chati ho ki ya rial bohat dair sa katam ho kiyo ki ya serial bohat acha ha

  3. I started watching this serial when the leading cast were kids and used to like this serial bcz of it’s initial concept which I thought was about the ppl who don’t have very good looks but they shine because of their personality and talent eventually and i thought this program will become an inspiration to those ppl who were not given much importance bcz of their looks initially but their talent and confidence in themselves made them fly…which can make viewers learn from the program and motivate themselves from the character of Madhav.

    but I’m much disappointed with the direction of the program where its going, following things i noticed, which program is trying to tell

    1. Ehsas is empty without Aaradhya (dont know why???) and only Aaradhya can boost his confidence who sadly does’nt like him or actually hates him.
    2. He’s heck low on his confidence levels.
    3. Never takes leadership for any work except for accepting mistakes done by others.
    4. He’s exceedingly scared of his mother, which was acceptable while he was a kid but now he’s a 21st century’s young man.
    5. He doesn’t look good, fine, he was like that since he was born so by this time he should’ve learnt how to deal with his looks and world. why cant he? if still He cant improve then why doesn’t he know about the personality development classes??

    I am disappointed with the fact that this program is setting image in ppl’s mind that bad looking ppl are really bad and good looking ppl are really good, based on the following things…

    There are 4 ugly characters in this program i.e. children of Bharti and of course herself,

    1. Bharti always shows face like somebody died in her family.
    2. Bharti hates Aaradhya just bcz of her academic results and good looks.
    3. Bharti doesn’t look good but at least she should have a pleasant personality, but no she’s always fighting and hating a girl half of her age just bcz she looks good and she herself is ugly.
    4. Bharti doesn’t feel thankful to Aaradhya for coming to her home and saving granny’s life.
    5. Bharti’s elder daughter is her carbon copy, like mother like daughter.

    why can’t Bharti’s character be a little realistic, why cant she show some smiles at times of family happiness. If she is behaving like this since forever then why her husband is tolerating her. she is good for nothing except for bullying children.

    A women is supposed to be kind hearted like Aaradhya who agrees to come to Madhav’s house to save his granny’s life even after a tragic incident in her life. She looks good and also have kind heart, telling ppl that good looking ppl are actually good on the other hand Bharti and her elder daughter who are ugly and always acts like hitler good for nothing, telling viewers bad looking ppl are actually bad. Why can’t they both learn from Madhav’s younger sister who is equally ugly but she looks happy with what she is and handles things properly.

    Rest all other characters are genuine like Rahul always does what ideally he should’ve done and so does Aaradhya, Madhav’s younger sister, Granny, Bharti’s Husband and Aaradhya’s family.

    But the show doesn’t revolve around these ppl, the show is about Ehsas who represents all the ugly generation of the world, who wants to prove their metal to the world by their talent and the fact that inner beauty always dominates outer beauty. I myself use to like Madhav but now he’s just a looser acting like sissy girls.

    I dont know how much my review matters but as the show owner you guys can change the thinking of viewers through your show. you can set an example to those ppl who feel low bcz of their looks but you can let them know how to tackle problems using Madhav’s character. you can tell ppl that they are valued for what they do and not for how they look. I’m sorry to say but I guess they say that this program is about BEAUTY AND BEAST TOGETHER, if we consider Aaradhya representing beauty here then who is playing the BEAST, Madhav?? You’ve gotto be kidding me…as far as I see BEAST in my mind is a SCARY UGLY + FEARLESS AGGRESSIVE DOMINATING CONFIDENT kind of person but I dont see any of these qulities in Madhav except being full time UGLY.

    I just want to say that I really used to like this serial initially but now the writers are ruining it and I now actually hate Bharti’s character don’t know whats her problem for being so serious all the time and dissapointed with Madhav, he’s playing ugly all the time, oh come on man get over it, will you? They’ve lost the idea of the program which is the biggest tragidy for me, themselves and I guess for most of the other sensible ppl out there too.

  4. Mujhe Dil Ki Najar Se Khubsurat Ye Serial Bahut Pasand Hai Me Har Roj Dekhata Hu Kya Actars Ki Vekency Hai.

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